eTech comes to London

For those of us who couldn’t afford a ticket to San Diego for this year’s Emerging Technologies Conference (boo hiss), Dave Green is bringing some of the speakers to a quiet location in London on Thursday 23 March to re-present their presentations. Details here.


In the rapidly-changing audio-visual sector, it’s vital to keep abreast of the latest digital technologies. This evening event will give you some idea of the applications, hardware and and new ways of working that are just around the corner. This isn’t a trade show, and there won’t be any sales pitches. Instead, a number of experienced professionals will talk about what’s getting them excited at the moment, and introduce you to key developments with the potential to dramatically change content production, distribution and business models in the years ahead. Presented by NTK in association with InSync.

Nick and Dominic Ludlam: Recording a Full 7 Days’ Broadcasting With
Tom Armitage: Is Controller Design Killing Creativity in Videogames?
Yoz Grahame: The Ning Playground – A Springboard for New Social Software
Chair: Dave Green, co-editor,


~ by aleks on March 20, 2006.

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