Workshop heads-up: Link Analysis software training at Wolverhampton

Via the AoIR listserv:

There will be a free training afternoon for link
analysis software at the University of Wolverhampton.
This is aimed at early or future PhD students in the
social sciences or information science. You will learn
how to use software to collect and analyse information
about web links.

Link Analysis 1pm-5pm Thursday 15 June, 2006
This will be a demonstration and practical sessions with
the following programs
SocSciBot and SocSciBot Tools - link analysis for
collections of web sites. (
LexiURL - link analysis for individual web sites or
collections of web pages.
Google/MSN/Yahoo! automatic query submission programs -
these allow the automatic submission of thousands of

Training and software are both free but please email
m.thelwall to book a place as numbers are
limited. Include in your email the following information
(a) Name:
(b) Email:
(c) University or other organisation:
(d) PhD title (if applicable) and reason for wanting to
attend (1 sentence maximum):
(e) I give my permission for my email address to be
circulated to other attendees: Yes/No

~ by aleks on May 5, 2006.

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