Avatar-based marketing event in Second Life (Future Salon)

I wrote about it before on the Guardian gamesblog based upon an article (and podcast) from Harvard Business Review, and now there will be a talk on avatar-based marketing in Second Life. I, fortunately? unfortunately?, will be at a Flaming Lips/Massive Attack gig in Hyde Park so will miss it so if anyone’s planning to attend please do let me know how it went. Similarly if there will be any posts of the transcript.

From the official release:

Marketing To Avatars Discussion In Second Life This FridayFellow Electric Sheepers Chris Carella/Satchmo Prototype and Giff Constable/Forseti Svarog both recently linked to a Harvard Business Review article called Avatar-Based Marketing by Paul Hemp.

This Friday at 12 PM PDT I’ll be in discussion on the topic (donning my me-based avatar) with Paul and some other peops at the virtual Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society.

From James/Hamlet Au’s New World Notes blog:

““Avatar-based Marketing: What’s the future of Real Life Companies Marketing to Second Life Avatars?” Friday, June 23 at Noon, Second Life Time (i.e., PST), Berkman Island.

The author himself will also be there in avatar form as Hempman Richard. Event’s open to the public, but space is limited.

– Hempman Richard (aka Paul Hemp, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review)
– Cristiano Midnight (SLUniverse/Snapzilla)
– SNOOPYbrown Zamboni (aka Jerry Paffendorf, Second Life Future Salon/Electric Sheep Company)
– Zero Grace (aka blogger Tony Walsh, Clickable Culture)
– Razor Rinkitink (aka Raz Schionning, Director of Web Services, American Apparel, with just-opened Second Life outlet)
– Hamlet Au (aka blogger Wagner James Au, New World Notes)

Direct portal to Berkman Island here.
IM Ansible Berkman to pre-reserve a spot.


~ by aleks on June 22, 2006.

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