Data collection update – we’ve broken the 3K mark!

I’m VERY pleased with how the Residents of Second Life have respondent to my call for participation in the SL Social Network survey (location correct as of today, but the Social Science Research Lab will be moving shortly. I will update as events transpire). To date, I have over 3,000 avatars in the Second Life social network. Thanks very much to everyone who’s contributed so far!

If I contact you in-world, that means that one (or more) of the people who have responded have listed you as a friend. It would truly benefit this research if you could contribute too!

By responding to the survey, your details will add to the measures we’re using to assess the robustness of the social relationships in SL, and I’ll be able to make new connections between people, based upon how you broker interpersonal ties.

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped. We’ve broken the 3K mark!


~ by aleks on August 17, 2006.

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