Special edition of JCMC – call for papers

I’ve been in Australia for the Association of Internet Researchers conference, and while my notes will be up soon, I discovered this in a trawl for any research that’s been done on the diffusion of plug-ins and/or other social phenomena on MySpace. It’s all call for papers for a special social network edition of the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (JCMC), and abstracts are due 28 November. Via the CFP:

Recently, social network sites like Cyworld, MySpace, orkut, and Facebook have captured the public’s attention and attracted millions of users. Such sites typically enable individuals to create a profile that defines their online personae through the use of photographs, text, and multimedia elements. More importantly, social network sites enable individuals to articulate their social connections visibly on the site, a practice that may help individuals meet self-presentational and social goals. “Friends” links offer users a window into an emerging and fluid social landscape, allowing them to explore and interact with a larger network via profiles and the communication tools they offer. Together, profiles, traversable “friends” links, and communication tools comprise the backbone of social network sites. This special issue seeks to bring together scholarship on social network sites to highlight current understanding of the practices, implications, culture, and meaning of such sites.

I’ve already been in touch with one of the guest editors, danah boyd, when she was looking for any researchers doing work in online social networking, but it seems they’re interested in only formal social network sites like MySpace, orkut, Friendster etc.

If this suits you, head here for more information and for submission guidelines.


~ by aleks on October 11, 2006.

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