Ethical implications of emerging technologies: UNESCO

Via Jeremy at the AoIR listserv, here’s a nice phat pdf about virtual ethics from UNESCO, prepared by Mary Rundle and Chris Conley. A very good read, filled with answers to questions like, “What is Digital Identity Management?”, “What is the Semantic Web” and “What are the ramifications and concerns for these and other new technologies like RFID and Biometrics?”

We’re in the Wild West when it comes to ethics in today’s techno-societies, as I’ve discussed elsewhere before. To date I’ve relied upon the AoIR’s Ethical Guidelines document and countless discussions with ethicists and other concerned researchers. This UNESCO document offers further suggestions for ensuring that these technologies are used in responsible ways.

It’ll also add a few more paragraphs to the Ethics chapter of my dissertation.


~ by aleks on March 15, 2007.

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