Social Networks in Virtual Worlds

I presented some of the very basic results from my first study at yesterday’s Massively Multi-Learner event in Paisley where I met a few familiar names behind unfamiliar faces (how cool is that?). The slides have been uploaded to a new discovery, SlideShare. I can’t embed the presentation in a WordPress blog (their FAQ says, “For security reasons we remove the tags needed for the above. Your intentions may be innocent but someone somewhere would try to damage the site.”), so here’s a link to the slideshow.


~ by aleks on March 23, 2007.

8 Responses to “Social Networks in Virtual Worlds”

  1. Was the presentation recorded? I would love to hear what you said about the bullet points.

    Also… I’ve been meaning to ask -someone- involved in social network analysis about this. What’re the programs one uses to draw those networks? There was a presentation on SNA a few weeks ago and the networks he depicted were data goldmines. The programs you guys are using to input data then draw the networks: are they on the down-low, industry secrets? Are they purchasable? Or even better, open-source/free to download?


  2. By the way, it -may- just be me, but I think your two banner pictures may be broken, and the blog itself, in my firefox browser, anyways, is sort of crammed up under where the banners are supposed to be.

  3. Hey Vincent, the sessions were recorded and should be live on the Higher Education Academy website soon. I’ll let you know.

    As for the SNA packages, the images I used come from Pajek, a free-to-use (for non-commercial use) analysis package for large networks. For smaller-scale nets, and for more statistical analyses within the package, you can purchase a license for UCINet ($40 for academic use). Both are great. UCINet has a lot of online resources (like this free Introduction to Social Network Methods by Robert Hanneman). Pajek has fewer. There are others too. Here’s a comprehensive list from the International Network of SNAs.

    Tech problems? Erm, I’m afraid the blog looks OK to me in my firefox. Anyone else having issues?


  4. Hey, I’ve just found your blog. It was funny a few minutes ago in Firefox, though it’s fine now.
    I see that you’re making use of Slideshare already – it’s useful, isn’t it!

    Good to have met you. I’m getting very enthusiastic & have spent most of the afternoon exploring SL.

  5. Tip top suggestion of SlideShare Emma – thanks very much for that 🙂


  6. Thanks for the links, Aleks. The site looks fine, now, too. =)

  7. I’m writing up my literature review for my thesis and, recalling your Social Science Library in Hyperborea, now face an interesting conundrum that only a medium like Second Life could cook up: how exactly does one cite a Second Life location? Maybe I could through the slurl in there… heh heh. =)

  8. Vincent, Check out the Second Life educators’ Wiki for more info – it may have what you’re looking for. Alternatively, the SL Educators Listserv (linked from the wiki) should be able to direct…


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