Second Life Relay for Life

A few weeks ago I made an offhand comment in a column I wrote for The Guardian about running a marathon backwards wearing a giant panda suit. The jokers at the gamesblog petitioned me to do it inside Second Life, and lo and behold I have agreed to do it.

I’ve signed up for the Second Life Relay for Life event, in support of the American Cancer Society’s annual fundraising run, but in my haste I didn’t realise that it wasn’t a mere 26 virtual miles I had to do but 24 consecutive hours. Oh my. That makes it a bit more fun.

So please sponsor me! There’s a kiosk at my Social Simulation Research Lab where people already inside Second Life can drop the Linden dollars they have burning a hole in their virtual pockets. I will gladly wear the names of all sponsors proudly on my panda suit for the duration of the Relay for Life event. I’ve also devised a few more ways you can help – all of which cost me Linden bucks!

First, as I’m running it in a panda suit and Second Life is full of animal-opportunities (you can take that any way you’d like), I’ve found several panda suits appropriate to my task. I need help deciding the best one, so I’ve posted them all up to flickr, where people can vote for their favourite one by leaving a comment underneath their fave. I’ll donate 100 Lindens per comment from my own cash stash for all comments/votes submitted, so get over there and make me broke!

Second, I’ve set up The Guardian’s SLRFL team which you can join by IMing me in world (I’m Mynci Gorky), or by visiting this secure site, which will also welcome donations made in US dollars.

Finally, if anyone’s been putting off joining Second Life (it’s free), I’m also donating 200 Lindens per person who joins up to come onto The Guardian’s team!

Thanks very much to everyone in advance!


~ by aleks on March 27, 2007.

4 Responses to “Second Life Relay for Life”

  1. Aleks

    I’m writing a blog post on your marathon effort but I have no picture to go with it. Do you have any to hand I could use? Just a mugshot would be fine, and would you mind if I use one of the panda pics from flickr?



  2. Hey, thanks Ian! Please take any of the pics on the gamesblog’s flickr site. The panda with the gamesblog’s logo is our official Team image 🙂


  3. Will do, thanks.

  4. […] you. Thanks to the people who came out in droves to vote for the panda avatar I’ll wear for my 24-hour long virtual marathon in Second Life. The mad rush of support for this year’s digital Relay for […]

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