And the panda goes to…

Polom PandaFirst of all, thank you. Thanks to the people who came out in droves to vote for the panda avatar I’ll wear for my 24-hour long virtual marathon in Second Life. The mad rush of support for this year’s digital Relay for Life has been extremely heartening; it’s been great to see so many people support the American Cancer Society by submitting their votes on flickr and on the blog! I’m out a whopping 13,700 Linden dollars – the equivalent of $52.06 (at the exchange rate of 100 Lindens to $0.38) – from this drive alone. Thank you all!Second, the winner is Polom Panda, the freaky looking guy with the big purple eyes created by Second Life resident Aretis Pollack (part of the Pirate Kitty line of avatars and accessories). Polom beat both the South Park Sexual Harassment Panda and the Tiny Panda by 12 votes. Props go to the other creators, Jenee Marten and Checho Masukami.

You can still contribute to the cause!

There are several ways to join in the fun!

Run With Me!
If you’re already in Second Life or have had intentions of joining (for free), you can be part of the team (my team’s The Guardian). We’ll take turns running so we can keep our team going for the full 24 hours. You can Instant Message me in-world for joining details. My avatar’s name is Mynci Gorky. UPDATE: I will donate 200 Linden Dollars from my own account for anyone who signs up for SL to run with the gamesblog team! Please let me know in the comments below or Instant Message me in-world.

Sponsor me inside Second Life! If you don’t fancy running but you’re in SL and have a few spare Linden Dollars, you can drop it into the Relay for Life kiosk at my in-world research lab (The Social Simulation Research Lab), which you can get to from here. Make sure you Instant Message me to let me know you’ve donated and I’ll add your name to the panda suit – everyone who sponsors me will have their names listed on my person for the duration of the event.

Join me outside of Second Life! You can raise money with the gamesblog’s team even if you’re not running in Second Life by going here and clicking on “Join”.

Sponsor me outside of Second Life!If you’re not inside the virtual world but would like to give some money towards a good cause and our gamesblog effort, you can head here and pay in USD. Let me know that you’ve donated in the comments of this post so I can add your name to the panda avatar.

Thanks again folks!


~ by aleks on April 5, 2007.

3 Responses to “And the panda goes to…”

  1. I have that panda avatar…. you can see me ‘acting up’ in it in this bit of machinima … I also have a pirate eye patch for mine cause I’m a pirate panda…. garrr!

  2. […] And the panda goes to… « Social Sim: First of all, thank you. Thanks to the people who came out in droves to vote for the panda avatar I’ll wear for my 24-hour long virtual marathon in Second Life. […]

  3. Too cool Jeremy! It’s nice to see how he’ll look on the day 🙂


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