Social Networks in Virtual Worlds

I‘d this last week when it arrived in my inbox, but have finally plucked up the courage to post this on the blog. It’s my presentation – in video no less – from the Massively Multi-Learner event I was invited to in Paisley back in March.

Cheers Daniel for recording the event!

There are several other excellent presentations on that page too, including Knowledge Transfer & Public Engagement by Dave Taylor and Integrating Second Life into Design for Digital Media by Annabeth Robinson.


~ by aleks on July 3, 2007.

4 Responses to “Social Networks in Virtual Worlds”

  1. Cheers Aleks,
    the videos are also available on, in event the HEA site is slow…

  2. Ironically I found these independent of your blog today, and I have to say thanks both to yourself and Dan. VERY useful to have this as a resource for the future and VERY interesting to watch. Many many thanks 🙂


  3. Nice video. I enjoyed it.

  4. Hey Nik and Zaiaku, thanks very much for the positive feedback. And thanks to Daniel for wrangling it back at the event.


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