Royal Institution: Science in Virtual Worlds

I’ve been so busy over the past month or so that I’ve not had the chance to post up this presentation, which I made as part of The Royal Institution’s Science in Virtual Worlds programme, held 19 June 2007 in London.

Title: “Playing with people in the metaverse: Or, how to act ethically when you’ve got a rocket launcher strapped to your back and the bombs are dropping”

Briefly: Ethical issues to consider when conducting social science research in virtual worlds and other online communities.

There were three of us presenting at the event, Dave Taylor of the National Physical Laboratory and Joanna Scott from Nature. All of us talked Second Life, although as the only non-hard science person, I tried to extrapolate beyond that particular virtual world to discuss some of the human-subjects-related issues when social science peers into internet communities in general. The PP may seem cryptic, but it makes much more sense when accompanied by the chapter I’ve written for The Videogames Handbook, edited by David Surman and due out in September from Routledge.


~ by aleks on July 9, 2007.

2 Responses to “Royal Institution: Science in Virtual Worlds”

  1. Hi Aleks,
    I’m giving an online presentation at Interaccess in Toronto next week on social ethics in Second Life from the perspective of an avatar performer (I’m a member of Second Front) and would like to hear about your experiences of social encounters with people when you have a rocket launcher on your back. I’d also like to mention yourupcoming book so if there’s anything specific within it that relates to how social ethics in ‘strange’ scenarios operates that would also fit with my presentation. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  2. Hey Aliselborg, I’m sorry I’ve only just been able to get back in touch! I hope this arrives in time for the presentation.

    You may want to check out some of the research listed on my website – both my own publications and those in the extensive links section (which mirrors the content of the Social Simulation Research Lab). If you’d like to get in touch more directly before the event (or even after to continue discussing), please do! E: a dot krotoski at surrey dot ac dot uk

    I intend to hold another ethics discussion inside SL soon; I’ve had several deadlines since the last meeting (which went well, apparently; i was unable to log in) which has distracted me from more pleasurable discussions.


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