CfP: Social Simulation and Second Life

I’m helping to run a series of workshops associated with the European Social Simulation Association along with my Second Life neighbour Bruce Edmonds (aka wata Klata) just before the ESSA’s annual conference in September. If you’d like to take part in the Second Life portion of events, please continue reading below:

Call for presentations for:

A workshop on “Simulation and Second Life” (to occur loosely in conjunction with ESSA 2007)

7th September 2007 (14:00-18:00 GMT) IN Second Life Co-Chaired by Bruce Edmonds and Aleks Krotoski.

Virtual worlds provide environments for real social interaction. One general, popular and accessible virtual world is Second Life. This workshop to be held within Second Life is to discuss the possible connections between simulation and virtual worlds, such as Second Life.

The deadline for submissions is the 24th August 2007. Attendance will be limited – if you just want to attend please email Bruce Edmonds a 1-page expression of interest.

For more details about the workshop see:

Bruce Edmonds (, aka wata klata
Aleks Krotoski (, aka mynci gorky


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