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~ by aleks on October 11, 2007.

2 Responses to “links for 2007-10-11”

  1. Hi. Interesting Stuff! I am fascinated as to the process and what the key elements are which bring technological inter-activity and social connection to the tipping point for massive use? This is often put down to early/late adopters etc. But the delay? Social acceptance? Then bingo, everybody is at it!

    I am completing my Masters in marketing to mobiles. The UK differs from Japan. There are different attitudes towards technology. Many researcher look at a narrow technological or innovation aspect about the mobile. In the UK, while flat rate charges have constrained consumer m-commerce consumption, there is a reluctance to use the technology, my point is wider, there has to be casual influence from overall desire towards inter-activity and use of other platforms, ie digital, tv, cameras,for use of mobile m-commerce and benefits. Difficult to measure. But would appreciate thoughts, insights, diagrams which add to this perspective?

  2. Hey David – there are several competing theories about this, and my research is trying to integrate those from social network analysis (critical mass, thresholds, social capital and structural factors of connectedness) with social psychological concepts of social influence (conformity, trust, social comparison, group prototypicality, social identity). i don’t think there’s one simple rule for everyone (there never is!) but i do think there’s some parallels we can draw upon from these different disciplines.

    As for diagrams, i have a couple which i may put up here in future. they’re abstract models at the moment, but should have some data behind them in the forthcoming months!

    What kinds of things would you like to know?

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