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I-Jobs for Real in SLI’m so late with this one. I even promised The G I would write about this, but with deadlines and a trip to a conference in Vancouver (good morning…) I’ve been severely waylaid.

However, much ado about my jet lag. This is just bizarre:

From 16 to 18 October 2007 job hunters will be able to attend the UK’s first ever ‘virtual world’ career fair in Second Life®. The event, hosted by recruitment and communications specialists TMP Worldwide and sponsored by , will allow job seekers worldwide to connect with leading UK employers without having to leave the comfort of their own home.

I’m extremely pleased disappointed they’ve chosen not to do a whole jobs fair in the virtual world, rather than instead of simply using the space (and the associated publicity) for their own gains: “HSBC Hires Exec From Virtual World!” would the headline shout. Now at least there’s something more to shout about.

Rather than use this platform and event simply an offline publicity generating stunt, I’d heard they were planning on running a series of job-hunting workshops, like How To Write A CV and How To Interview. Unfortunately, having spoken with one of the reps at the site, I now know the recruiters are not. In that it’s seriously unlikely that companies will hire anyone without meeting them f2f, particularly for the exec level job (er, a teleconference interview is OK, but a virtual world one isn’t we’re led to believe…), it would have been it’s a shame the interviews will take place in a vacuum. A careers fair with sessions adds would have added that extra and important dimension that raises it above attention seeking into something of use for the community in which its situated:

The three-day virtual job fair will take place on TMP’s UK Island in Second Life from 4-8pm on the 16-18 October 2007. Once candidates enter the 3-D online virtual world, they will be greeted by virtual concierges and escorted to TMP’s virtual office where they can be given basic training on how to interact inside Second Life. They will then be teleported to the employer’s offices on the island where avatar recruiters will greet them and discussions can begin via live chat and instant messaging.

This is still a good use of this tool, and exactly the direction Philip and the Linden Gang are hoping to move towards. A distributed business application. The possibilities are very exciting (although unrealised in this state): get potential employees to upload a presentation, a video or build something. Integrate the location of the interview into the job specifications and the vision for the role in the future. Excellent and exciting. Unfortunately, as far as I can see, the only really relevant job to the virtual world community of the three being advertised is one at Yell. Is there any room in the interviews for executive of a High Street bank for the employers to ask what the candidates would do with the virtual world tools if successful?

The location itself is very well designed, and when I landed there at just before 4pm GMT, the place was buzzing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see a schedule for the job skills events. That’s because there wasn’t one. Sigh.

Anyone who was interviewed, please do get in touch. ‘Twould be very interesting to speak about your experience.


~ by aleks on October 18, 2007.

One Response to “Virtual jobs”

  1. Hi.

    To illustrate what is said in your post, let me introduce you to the efairjob.(first event is on march 17th). (everywhere across Canada).

    the link is:

    the efairjob has the advantage of offering an entire 3d environment (like second life), with all the functionalies of a virtual job fair (chat, webcam, etc). Dozens of companies have joined the event and hundreds of jobs are gonna be offered.

    If you have ever experienced a virtual jobfair, what are your coments concerning this one?

    do you think that a virtual jobfair can replace the physical one?

    thank you.

    Yann Levy
    eMarketing Strategist

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