New Pew survey – open to ALL!

I’m always excited when a new Pew Internet and American Life survey comes out; the results offer an incredibly in-depth window into a slice of the population who consumes the internet. Take this one: the Social Media survey, the results of which came out late last year. It’s filled with an enormous amount of great stuff, including the marvellous new neologistic category of MySpace users: the ‘Chemo” (pronounced chee-mo), a cross-between Chav and Emo. We had a lot of fun discussing this on The Guardian’s Tech Weekly podcast a couple of weeks ago (shameless plug, sorry)

But for all the organisation’s greatness, they do only provide insight into a relatively small sample. I say small even though their sample sizes number in their thousands, they only come from the USA. Sniff.

However,  Emma’s blog has alerted me to a new survey which ANYONE can take part in. Finally! It’s their Predictions survey, examining what internet users expect to happen by the year 2020.

Flying cars and downloadable brains. Bring on the Whuffie, I say.


~ by aleks on February 1, 2008.

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