Virtual Worlds: market research

Quite a good round-up presentation from the Virtual Worlds Forum by Nic Mitham from KZero about the demographic segments of the current virtual worlds landscape:

Key features I take away:

* so few people are looking realistically at the virtual worlds landscape at the moment, but the people behind existing worlds are aware that competitors are interested in chomping away at market leadership. This is particularly clear looking at the slide displaying the 20-30 year old market, where there are many virtual worlds in development aimed at this group. Why this group? According to the presentation, the major growth for this demographic is convergence. Embedded media does not a virtual world make.

* i’ve never seen the spread of virtual worlds for the 10yo crowd. Great to have a baseline to move forward from.

* Mitham says that one of the growth areas for the 30+ age bracket – which is grossly under-supported in the VW space – is to ‘[bring] existing social networks together’. How convenient, as that’s exactly what my attention has been drawn to in the past few months.

~ by aleks on April 9, 2008.

One Response to “Virtual Worlds: market research”

  1. The worlds for under tens do worry me with their almost relentless focus on commercial consumerism (Barbie Girls is a great example with B Bucks ™ ) – all virtual worlds do to some extent, but the messages being reinforced to the very youngest users of these spaces are not the ones I would choose….

    Handipoints isnt mentioned but is somewhat different again…

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