VBusiness Expo in Second Life: My talk

I’ve been asked by the inimitable Sarah ‘Intellagirl’ Robbins to speak at a virtual business expo in Second Life on 26th April (6pm GMT, 11am Pacific). The focus of my talk is closely related to the research i’ve been conducting in the virtual world since 2003 – best practice for researchers when performing human-centred social science enquiry. Here are the deets:

Title: Human-centred research for avatars: Qualtiative and quantitative best practice techniques for exploring the psychology of a virtual world

Abstract: This talk will compare and contrast interview and survey techniques in Second Life, focussing specifically on Resident expectation and researcher responsibility. It will address questions of design and ethics, proposing best practice for social scientists interested in the virtual landscape as a source of field work.

More information as I hear it.

~ by aleks on April 10, 2008.

3 Responses to “VBusiness Expo in Second Life: My talk”

  1. What a fascinating research area. Will you be making bits of your talk available in the non-virtual world as well?

  2. Damn, very annoying that I missed this – is it around outside of SL?

  3. @catalystformajic & Ian – I certainly shall. In fact, the slides are now up on Slideshare.net here:


    And if you’d like a more contextual view, you should be able see them and Mark Bell’s shortly on the CleverZebra site here:


    They’re rather cryptic, I ‘m afraid, but I agree – a fascinating research area!


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