Futuresonic 2008 presentations: the future of fun, games and social media

Possibly the worst misspelling of my name, ever I presented a whopping 4 times over the two days of the Social Technologies Summit at Manchester’s Futuresonic 2008 conference, and so it’s not surprising that I was too exhausted to publish them here or on slideshare until now. You’ll only be privy to two of them, because they summarise much of what I spoke about in the other two.

The first was part of a digital workshop in which myself, Matt Jones of Dopplr, Chris Heathcote from Nokia and Justin Hall of PMOG discussed the future of engagement. My presentation, titled ‘Play with Me: Engaging with the new engagement’ did its best to integrate ‘play’ and ‘engagement’ into the text as much as it possibly could, as that was what I was there to do.

Briefly, I looked at why gaming is so darn popular, how it makes its money, and how these mechanics could make cashola for people interested in game-web-real life convergence:

The second was one I threw together on urban space and social media. I was wheeled in to talk about playful activities, and created a series of web-based examples of the history of and the trend towards cross-media play. I wrote about it on the gamesblog, and lest I repeat myself too much, head here if you’d like to see the best examples of physical-meets-technology media around today.

You can also read my Technology section column related to this topic here.



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  1. Interesting !!

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