Me memeing

Via the Anna, I’ve been pinged to this amusing little Googlememe that’s floating around. It’s ego-surfing, but with a twist – put ‘[Your name] likes to’ into the search engine and riff off the results that come up. Do put the quotes in; it’s far too confusing not to.

Mine was limited, as the only Alekses that tend to come up when I search under that spelling are me or a mathematical software package created (ironically) at UCI. So there was only 1 page of results, and only one was me.

The results are in: this is what I like to do:

Aleks likes to dedicate her time to various volunteer activities. In another world, with more time and more direction, I think I would. Maybe that’s something for retirement. Or perhaps it’s something for after the PhD.

aleks likes to dance! Indeed, I do. I used to love it when I was a kid, and then came those horrible teenage years when ‘dancing’ meant shuffling stiffly from left to right while uncomfortably looking around to see if you were doing it wrong and the whole class was pointing at you and laughting at your terrible moves. Then I went to college and because it was a college full of hippies and misfits, I rediscovered how to move and move madly. Those hippies sure can dance. S Club 7 they surely are not.

Aleks likes to lean on this guy. I have no idea what this means. I could try and relate it to my life, but what’s the point?

aLEKs likes to use the microsound list to vent his frustrations, unfortunately. If I had access to a microsound, I’d love to use it to vent my frustrations. Sadly, I’m restricted to other means: shouting, punching, kicking. I’m not very grown up, really.

Aleks likes to cook and cook well. This one is actually about me, from my days of Bits. Thanks to Ed for writing this about me; I wowed him with my mum’s chicken curry recipe.

Aleks likes to fling across the room. The first thing I did when I moved to Brighton was sign up for a trapeze class, which I was proficient at (well, as proficient as you can be in a village hall in Hollingdean) for approximately three months. I loved it, but found that the commute was too much. Actually, it was because I was lazy.

Aleks Likes To Get Riden!!! I think i’ll stop there…

Back to you Anna.


~ by aleks on May 21, 2008.

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