vBusiness Expo presentations are live

I recently presented some of my research at a Second Life in-world conference called the vBusiness Expo. Some great, challenging speakers and ideas flowed forth from the two-day series, from how to brand (from Kelly Services) in virtual environments to how to cope with new technologies in enterprise (including representatives from Forterra, Linden Lab, Sun Microsystems and Gartner) to what the space really looks like (from the O’Reilly network). My own talk, on a panel with Mark ‘Typewriter Tackleberry’ Bell entitled Human-Centered Research for Avatars: Qualitative and Quantitative Best Practice, was about the methods and practices essential for conducting research in this space.

You can find our panel on the vBusiness Expo site here, along with the presentations of the other speakers from the event. Afraid you’ve got to log in to access the goods, but if you’re interested in this space from a business POV, it’s a treasure trove.

~ by aleks on May 27, 2008.

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